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photo by james petz
As interpreted by James Petz

Charlotte Benedetto

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Octavia Ruth Benedetto was born to a large bourgeois Italian-American family in 1987. As a girl, Octavia was known for expertly riding other people's horses, and for brazenly house-sitting on the grand estates of the Potomac without permission of the proprietors. To confuse Fairfax County Virginia authorities she assumed the identity of her long-missing (and presumed dead) sister, "Charlotte Benedetto."

In 2000, at the tender age of fourteen, Charlotte moved to Baltimore, to become Maryland's most prolific and popular artist's model. Renowned for her stillness, symmetry and youthful plumpness; her iconic image has been featured in ArtNews, Art in America and ArtForum. She is reportedly Raoul Middleman's favorite model.

Charlotte Benedetto was elected Mayor of the Copycat Building, and served as official police ombudsman for that community of artists from 2001 through 2007. In 2005 she was forcibly incorporated into the Wham City group as an indentured servant and documentarian.

Charlotte Benedetto studied art and art history at the Maryland Institute College of Art and Johns Hopkins University. Her current artwork is in the photographic, print and portrait tradition of Diane Arbus, Benjamin Franklin and John Singer Sargent. She concentrates on feminist and absurdist themes, especially self-portraits.

Charlotte Benedetto is also well-known for her literary ability. She has written three books of poetry and has nearly completed her first novel. Charlotte has contributed to Catatac Magazine, and currently writes regular arts and culture reviews for the Baltimore City Paper.

In 2007 she joined Baltimore's Seton Hill community with her partner, underground feminist filmmaker Josephine Quinn. They have twin sons, Phineas Petz Quinn and Adam Stevenson Benedetto.

Although she is a popular local celebrity, Charlotte Benedetto, like all iconoclasts, has a notable chorus of detractors. In 2006, these parties set up a hate website at Shortly after learning of this huge online community united against her, in 2007, Charlotte Benedetto became a recluse, and no longer gives interviews or allows the press into her studio.

To contact Charlotte Benedetto you may email her You may send all gifts of tribute, legal aid donations, mail art projects, or hate mail to: 5th Story Studios, 405 W. Franklin St, Baltimore Maryland 21201. Donations for her legal defense fund are also accepted via paypal.

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photo by Taylor Fimbrez
As interpreted by James Petz

Mark Brown

Mark Brown is a Video Artist, DJ, Trance Jammer, and Wham City Promotions / Booking Dork.

For more info, catch Mark Brown on the web
at these fine locations:

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photo by mr. camlin
As interpreted by James Petz

April Camlin

Happy Accident Clothing

April now resides in Chicago where she works on furthering her journey into the realms of existential insanity with the help of her ventriloquist dummy, Glucuous. She also plays the drums and sings in her band Wumme which has no website or myspace or really any way at all of promoting itsself. She additionally occupies herself with embroidering, yarn craft, and making clothes and other various items out of fabric.

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photo by Zardoz
As interpreted by James Petz

Dan Deacon
Dan Deacon Myspace
Butt Stomach Myspace

Hi. I'm Dan Deacon. Before moving to Baltimore I went to college and grad school at the Conservatory of Music at SUNY Purchase. For the past four years I have been touring a collection of pieces for voice, electronics and audience. In my spare time I enjoying booking shows at various weird places in Baltimore. I'm looking forward to touring less and finishing up a series of pieces for large ensemble. The future surrounds us. Let us begin.

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photo by charlotte benedetto
As interpreted by James Petz

Adam Endres

Adam Endres was born on November 2nd, 1979 at 11:04pm in Albany, NY.

He tries to camp as frequently as possible. He loves swimming and hiking and being in the wilderness. He loves the ocean, but hardly ever makes it there. He likes rides, the sport of football, playing games, sleeping, and some other stuff

He has been and currently participates in several bands, most notably The Creepers, Blood Baby, The Boo Boos, Sports Ghosts, and Awesome Music. He performs in the vaudevillian comedy duo, Cornelius and Pitifur, with April Camlin. Of course she would have you believe the name of the act is Pitifur and Cornelius, but that is most definitely wrong. He does comedy.

Completed in May 2004, he wrote, directed, produced, and starred in the short film, Medicine, a musical comedy about the zany world of psychiatry.

Performed in January and February and 2005, he was director and key player in the Wham City musical revue of Walt Disney's Beauty and the Beast. The other performers in this were Josh Kelberman, Connor Kizer, Dan Deacon, Abra Aducci, and Peter O'Connell.

Performed in June 2006, he wrote, directed, and starred in the musical for the stage, Sad Little Pony: a Horse Play about a small horse who is picked on and vengefully leaves his comrades to die on his way to becoming a god. This was a collaboration with, among others, the Santa Dads, Lexie Mountain Boys, and Honne Wells who all wrote their own music for the play.

Performed in February 2007, he wrote and directed the play, A New Play, starring Mason Ross and Sean Blue, a satire about the success of oppression, greed, and selfishness in the world.

Played Alan Grant in Wham City's 2008 production of Jurassic Park.

He doesn't really do much of anything anymore.

Adam Endres': photo, video, audio


photo by Liz Donadio

Erin Gleeson

Showbeast (
1000 Fathoms (

Erin Gleeson is a freelance radio producer and writer living in Baltimore. In 2006, she co-created the web series Showbeast along with Ben O'Brien. The show has been called "trippier than Sesame Street and more avant-garde than Pee-Wee's Playhouse" by the East Bay Express, and it has featured music videos for Dan Deacon, Beach House, and other Baltimore sweethearts.

You can hear Erin's radio pieces at She has contributed to KUT's O'Dark 30 and WYPR's The Signal, along with producing segments for WYPR's Maryland Morning with Sheilah Kast.


photo by robby rackleff
As interpreted by James Petz

Dina Kelberman

November 30, 1979, 11:30pm, Annapolis, MD

I went to Purchase College. I am a founding member of Wham City. I have shown work in lots of places and publications, and toured the east coast with my friends. I have known one member of Wham City for 10 years and one member for 25 years. I hereby make this website.

I am an illustrator comics and website and sometimes costumes.
I enjoy blue, red, yellow and green when used correctly.

Please email me at immediately.


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photo by Holden Warren
As interpreted by James Petz

A Funny Clown




photo by christine sajecki
As interpreted by James Petz

Connor Kizer

Santa Dads
Project: Psychopomp

Connor Kizer was born in ROCHESTER NY in 1981 to Cynthia and Smokey Kizer. He was raised by them in Phoenix NY where he performed in a comedic folk band called Touched By An Uncle with his childhood friend Joshua Grosvent, and participated in many theatrical performances. He started attending Purchase College in 1999, where he met many other Whamites and with them came up with much of the direction his art would later take. After college he started working in offices, which has been a huge influence on him. He moved to Baltimore with the rest of the crew in 2004. Since arriving in Baltimore, he has participated in Wham Theater, and helped run the Wham Lecture series (hopefully to be restarted soon.) He also plays in the intermittent bands Santa Dads and Ram Ones. He is working on Project: Psychopomp, which is an attempt to become an Infomorph (being of pure information) without electronic means. He also has published two pamphlets of essays about his thoughts on this project called Infomorph Issues 1 and 2. His collection of short stories, Office Magic, is forthcoming.

Connor Kizer's: writings, photos, audio, video


photo by stefani levin
As interpreted by James Petz

Stefani Levin


Stefani Levin's: art, photos


photo by uli loskot
As interpreted by James Petz

Kate Levitt

Teeth Mountain

I keep it real.

Kate Levitt's: photos


Meredith Moore

I was born in Oklahoma where the wind always blows. I was a young painter there. When I attended Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in Baltimore i fell in with the founding members of Wham City. What a thrill it was to find weirdos like me doing weird things. Love has never been so true. I became enamored with the magical combination of video/animation set to music. I collaborated on many projects and did the visuals for many bands. I Graduated with A BFA in Film and Video from MICA and piddled around Baltimore for a bit. After 8 happy years there, I have set out on a new journey. I am excited. The wind is still blowing.


Ben O'Brien

Ben O'Brien is a video artist and comedian living and working in Baltimore, Maryland. Ben created the web-series Showbeast with Erin Gleeson back in 2006, and since has made 21 videos with Showbeast including a music video for Beach House, Dan Deacon, Height with Friends, and Ear Pwr. You can check out these and more of Showbeast's videos here:

Ben also manages and performs in the Wham City Comedy Tour and co-hosts the monthly Wham City Comedy Night with Mason Ross.

Ben O'Brien is currently working on a full length episode of Showbeast entitled "Something Big" which will be the largest and most terrifying thing he has ever made.

photo by frank hamilton
eye of providence by lizzy hayes

RM O'Brien




RM O'Brien is $57,000 in debt. He went to a state school. He sings & writes songs for Nuclear Power Pants and curates & hosts WORMS, an Interaxive Literary Magazine in 3-D.

His short play "Trio Bravo" was performed at the 2010 Ten-Minute Play Festival, organized by Un Saddest Factory. He has read his poetry at the Baltimore Museum of Art and Charles Theater in Baltimore, at various venues in New York, Providence, and Philadelphia, as well as at Sonar and the Black Cat, opening up for theDeathSet and Dan Deacon, respexively. His manuscripts Ant Killer & Other Poems and Aura, Aurora, Areola remain unpublisht.

RM O'Brien stands firmly opposed to Ray Kurzweil's Futurist agenda.


photo by santa claus
As interpreted by James Petz

Kevin O'Meara

Blood Baby
Butt Stomach

I was born in Washington DC and grew up just over her border, on the Maryland side of course. My father and Animal took turns teaching me how to play drums when my head was still bigger than the rest of my body. Despite the efforts of many nuns and Jesuits to steer me in a more academic direction, I am still spending most of my time playing drums. I picked up a few other instruments and skills along the way: electric bass, tree-climbing, vibraphone, seed-spitting, outdoor guitar, deathwish-biking, kalimba, smile-faking, guiro, copyright-infringing, etc. Most recently I acquired the ability to tame wild bears by telepathy.

Between 1997 and 2007, three aborted attempts at institutions of hire learning landed me in various social milieus and resulting collaborative projects. Now here I am in Baltimore with just as many stupid bands as ever. I love everyone who hates money. I will continue to have these stupid bands until I am crucified by the rest of wham city on my 33rd birthday, Dec 25 2012. After that, I will transform into a wolf and usher in a new age, where humans are always naked and running in fear.
Get in shape.

Kevin O'Meara's: photos, audio, video


photo by holden warren
As interpreted by James Petz

Robby Rackleff (aka Blue Leader)

Do The Math Comics

Video Games.

Robby Rackleff's: art, photos, videos


Alan Resnick

Alan Resnick Is a sculptor and video artist who makes work about his own face. He exaggerates his own self worth or importance, often in an overbearing manner.

- "Awful"


photo by jimmy joe roche
As interpreted by James Petz

Jimmy Joe Roche

Jimmy Joe Roche is a Baltimore based Filmmaker, Video Artist, and member of WHAMCITY. He is a long time collaborator of Dan Deacon, including their recent piece Ultimate Reality which has been performed at Whartscape 2006 (MD), Corcoran Gallery (DC), Walters Art Museum (MD), New York Underground Film Festival (NYC), Anthology Film Archives(NY), and at the Silent Barn with Thurston Moore(NY).

His films Ghost Zane and Mozek have toured underground venues all over the East Coast, and Canada. His visual art was recently shown in the two man show Glittering Ruin, Featuring artists Jimmy Joe Roche and Ben Furgal, at the Current Gallery in Baltimore, (MD), and his Baltimore Shopping Network, were recently featured in the Antagonism Hacks and Hoax's, show at Maryland Art place, and screened along with other films at Whartscape 2007. His music video for Dan Deacon's Crystal Cat will be featured in the San Francisco international Animation festival 2007. Ultimate Reality will be released on Car Park records 2007, and will touring nationally January 2008.

Jimmy Joe Roche's: videos, photos, audio


photo by defekto
As interpreted by James Petz

Mason Ross

Mason Ross is a performance artist in Wham City. He is known for his awkward stand-up comedy style and for his his misplaced and confused everyday style. After being cast as Ian Malcolm in Wham City's Jurassic Park, Mason realized how much fun it is to waste your life on the dumbest shit you can possibly imagine. He is now open to any suggestions on how to do this to a fuller capacity.

Any proposed theatre performances that happen in Wham City must go through Mason first. He is highly involved with everything, but especially with anything on a stage. He is kind of like the head leader of theatre in Baltimore. Wham City asked him to join them four years ago because they were having some problems and needed some stability. Mason almost dated every person in the group, but didn't because of his integrity. Also, he is always on time.

Mason wrote the piece "Blue Fox" that was performed at the Walter's Museum. This was a very important, personal piece for him and was received well. He is proud of it. I'm proud of it. I'm Mason.

E-mail me, babies. E-mail me babies.

Mason Ross's: photos, video

As interpreted by James Petz

Ray Roy (pictured as "Wandy")

Ray officially became part of Wham City when he moved in for the summer of '06, coinciding with Wham's 2nd incarnation in the Copy Cat, though Ray had enjoyed previous trips in earlier years to help out Whammers wherever he could, recording early shows (like Beauty and the Beast!) and aiding the first convoy to deliver the original founders to the Copycat, Baltimore's womb.

Ray is a multimedia artist currently living in New York in the West Village, who often collaborates with radical performing artists.

Ray is responsible for the following things:
SCOPOPHYLACTIC, a live show presenting orgasmic combinations of video&performance, curated by ray, hosted by "Randy"
BLUE LEADER / OCDJ music video, as seen here on youtube (
DREAM TEAM, an environment intensive sleepover event which facilitates a SHARED DREAM EXPERIENCE, with Charlotte Gibbons and K.J. Holmes
RED LIGHT SPECIAL, video/dance piece with Noopur Singha, Charlotte Gibbons, Ray Roy, and Stephen Cooper, various videos documenting wham city things with wham city friends, the CREEPERS videos, the BEAUTY & THE BEAST video. Whenever YouTube's current editorial staff approves all the videos Ray has selected, Ray will be a guest editor of the front page of YouTube

Ray had a truly retarded video he made for the internet, called "hamster dance" featured on the front page, it has been seen over 2.5 million times.

Ray currently lives and works in New York as an artist, he does video design and technical direction for dance and experimental theater companies, has worked at La MaMa, Joyce SoHo, SoHo Rep, Dance Theater Workshop, The Kitchen

Ray's favorite new york performance place is Space Space (so named by Ray), which is lived in and run by great friends

Ray Roy's: videos


photo by uli loskot
As interpreted by James Petz

Ed Schrader


I am Ed Schrader:
I Live and work in Baltimore Maryland
as a book&music critic/comedian/talk show host
(i.e. The Ed Schrader Show)
and a sandwich maker.
and musician.

I wasBorn in Utica NY in 1979. Have had 37 jobs.
I graduated with a bachelors from Suny Brockport --

I am unhealthily obsessed with David Bowie,
I am not being ironic, I actually have a problem.
I like Big Black, Current 93, and REM

If Warner BROS is reading this, I will take a 3 million advance with 50% of all sales on non album merch.

Ed Schrader's: video, audio, flyers, photos


As interpreted by James Petz

Donna Sellinger

The Missoula Oblongata

Donna Sellinger won second place in the Baltimore City Paper's annual Short Fiction Contest. What an accomplishment! She is currently (February 2008) directing the Wham City Players in a theatrical adaptation of the movie Jurassic Park. She is a founding member of The Missoula Oblongata, an experimental theatre company with whom she tours several months a year. For unknown reasons, she is working toward her MFA at Towson University. Her beautiful poetry can be found on the "writings" section of this page. She is deeply committed to the inefficiency and necessity of live art. As such, she will soon produce/perform a solo play only to be performed for one person at a time. This play will be called "When Good Things Happen to Good People."

Donna Sellinger's: writings